Acorn and Blueberry

My pet rabbits are called Acorn and Blueberry. They are Lop eared rabbits which means their ears flop down instead of up. They are 3 years old and they will be four in June . I named Acorn after Acorn pet centeres , and my sister named Blueberry because of her colour and she is a bit chubby. Acorn is Aguti coloured and blueberry is wild rabbit coloured. They are sisters that both love eating and lying in the sun. Their favourite foods are grass, rabbit mix, curly kale and carrot sticks. Acorn loves: being handfed, chewing sticks and lying in the sun. Blueberry loves: eating, being cuddled and cleaning herself. They both have sharp claws and teeth and can bite through a stick thats 3cm wide with one chomp. They are very tall (about 30cm) when they lie down or stand on two legs. I love them a lot and they are really good pets. It is known that rabbits are bad pets but if you are old enough to look after them propally they will really like you and will be great pets.

Bumble Bee

For my animal of the week this week I am going to talk about the bumble bee.

The Bumble bee is a special type of bee , it is the fatter furry type of bee and it is coloured with either black and orange or yellow and black. Like most bees they collect pollen from flowers and bring it back to their nests to turn into honey. When they eat the honey they have a long black tongue that sucks it in to their body. Bees don’t always live in hives in trees like it was said in Winnie the Pooh,they also have nests under the ground. When worker bees collect honey they have a special pouch near their legs to collect it, if that pouch fell it would ruin the bee’s working for the day. The Queen bee lives for years making nest after nest or maybe just using her old nest and then produces all the bees to make the honey. In the nest it is run like clockwork and even though there can sometimes be up to 10,000 (if the hive or nest was big enough.)  There are three types of bee in the colony.

  • The Queen bee
  • The Worker bee
  • and The Drone

All the workers are females just like the Queen the only male is the Drone. Even though the workers are all female the Queen is the only one who can reproduce. Worker bees do jobs such as ; Clean the hive , collect pollen and nectar and look after the young. The only job the Drone has to do is to mate with the queen, the only job the queen has to do is to lay eggs. In the winter time all the worker bees die and the Drone ,but the queen keeps herself underground in an old bees nest or maybe an old nest in which a mouse once lived. She then turns all the nectar and pollen into her kind of honey called bee-bread. She then lays eggs on the bee bread and that’s how she starts her colony. When it is spring it’s warm enough for the worker bees to come out and collect the honey again.

Though bees seem to get a good life their are lots of things that might cause a barrier to their lives. One of the main problems are humans whether it’s accidentally bumping into their nest from anyone who is hungry to steal their honey. Also in America their are theories that the radio activeness in mobile phones are possibly making the bees navagational system faulty. That makes them come home with no pollen. There are also pestecides that are being used on flowers which the bees take nectar from. This could also prove fatal and kill any bee that stumbles across the wrong kind of flower.

So when you see a bee make sure you don’t think of it as a stinging machine because that is a wasp not a bee. I admit I was once stung by a bee ,but I was very little and I watered it by mistake. Hope you liked my bee post which was a long one and took a day to make.

Easter’s Coming Soon!

Hi, I really enjoy the Easter Holiday for me it’s quite different from the summer and autumn. It’s the holiday where me and my family stay at home and do whatever we want to do. It’s also the holiday that I eat the most chocolate yum yum!! 🙂  I get loads of Easter eggs and marshmallows and sweets I eat the sweets first and save the rest for last. My record for leaving an Easter egg un- eaten is two whole months!!! It’s Easter Friday today and I’m so excited for what I’m going to get this year. I also like the Easter holidays because everywhere you go there are competitions about finding, drawing and eating Easter egg ,most of the time you get a prize ( normally an Easter egg.) 

             HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!!                 

Pom poko

No.4 on Studio Ghibli’s list.

Pom Poko is about a group of shape shifting raccoons called the Tanuki that live on the outskirts of Tokyo. They are all very happy but their spirit’s changed when they hear that human construction workers are arriving to build new homes and clear away their forest. With their homes and way of life endangered the Tanuki decide to fight for their forrest. With their shape shifting figures they can sure do a lot of damage. They even get three of the master shape shifting raccoons to help them with their ways of scaring  them.  They scare, fight and even hold a shape changing parade to try and get them off their land but nothing works and they have to maybe change into humans permanently or live off the street as raccoons. One way or another though the raccoons survived and made a new way of living .

Animal of the week starter

This is my first animal of the week post and what happens is I pick an interesting animal at random and share the information I find out about it on this post. If some people make a comment about an animal they are interested in I can post it about that particular animal.

Here is my first Animal Of The Week …

The polar bear

The polar bear is the biggest type of bear in the world and one of the biggest predators. It lives in the Arctic spending most of it’s time hunting and looking after it’s young. The polar bear eats Seals, Arctic foxes, reindeer, rodents, musk ox, fish, shellfish, eggs and seabirds such as gulls. They have been known to eat beluga whales and even walruses. There are times when they have even eaten the waste out of bins. They are very ferocious and have been known to kill and eat humans. In the summer they may have to eat mosses, grasses, berries and leaves.It is a very good swimmer and can catch a seal underwater. It can stay under water for 7-9 minutes. The male weighs 9001,600 lbs (410720 kg) and is about 5.3 ft (1.6 m) tall at the shoulder and 78 ft (2.22.5 m) long. The females weigh about 175 – 340 kg. And she can grow up to 7 feet long.

Humans are the polar bears only predators. With all the oil spills happening it is hard for the polar bears to avoid it. If it gets on to their fur it makes it colder by taking away the special oil that makes it weather proof. And if a polar bear eats it whilst grooming itself it could be deadly to it.

Animals – ask a question here!

So I’m really into animals. I’m into them so much that I want to be a vet for a job. It would   be so fun and I think I have got what it takes. I know quite a lot about animals and my last animal blog was a big success and I want to make this one great too. I know loads of different answers to animal questions so if anyone wants to ask about anything leave a comment question about anything you would like to know about animals.

BIG Change

Okay I changed my blog but I am still going to talk about Studio Ghibli but also Animals and stuff that I love. Dont worry though it will NOT be boring . So whoever wants to look at my blog can forever more :D.

Studio ghibli and animals are my speciality so I can go on and on and on and on and on talking about them. I will have animal of the week, quizes and studio ghibli posts too. Not to mention everything else like netball and my ideas for things, it will be really cool .

Comment on this post if you think it will be a better blog than before. Cause I really do!!!

Porco Rosso

no.3 on Studio Ghibli’s list Porco Rosso.

The film is about Marco (Porco Rosso )  a man who was turned into a pig and lived his life as a professional bounty hunter. He used to fight in the second world war for Italy in a plane but after the worst fight of his life he beca me a pig and quit the army. Now he hunts sea plane pirates to get money and save other people. But it all changes when a new, hot headed, sea plane pirate from America wants to make a name for himself by shooting down porco.Porco Rosso gets help from a feisty teenage airoplane engineer. While the American pilot Cirtus has his eye on Gina the beautiful hotel owner and Porco’s good friend. He asked her to marry him within the first 5 minutes of them meeting and his goal is to take her back to America with him so she can become a lead part of his corny screenplay he is making. She turned him down without a second thought but Cirtus didn’t stop asking for all the time that porco was away. But Porco and Fio the teenage engineer worked together and fixed and improved the plane to make it ready for the big fight.

I found it really funny. LOL 😀

The Cat Returns

This is the second one on my list of Studio Ghibli films.

It is called The Cat Returns mainly because of the Barron was seen before in a different Ghibli film. It is a different style of title but it grows on you. It is about Haru , a young girl who has an ordinary life which she thinks boring. She (as all girls do in some part of their life) is doubting herself and doesn’t believe half the things she can do. One day as she was walking back from school with her best friend she saw a cat on the road . Haru bravely ran in front of a truck to rescue the cat.

When she and the cat were safe the cat stood up and thanked her and ran off. Haru thought it was her imagination and went home to bed.  She then woke up in the middle of the night and to her surprise outside of her bedroom there is an eerie glowing light outside of her window. When she runs out to find out was it is she sees a whole load of cats parading down her street. They get close enough for her to see very clear. They were not normal cats they stood upright and looked like humans. Everything stopped and the cat king thanked her for saving his son Prince Loon he said he would give her loads of gifts. Then they paraded off again.

The next day she knew it wasn’t a dream because they had given her a list. She only just realized that she was late for school. whilst she was walking to school cats started chasing her and when she got in there were mice in her locker . Later on in the day she met another one of the cats. She told them she didn’t like the gifts and instead he invited her to the kingdom of cats where she would marry the cat prince. Before she could disagree he was gone. Haru went mad!!!!

She completely broke down thinking about marrying cats. But a voice spoke to her it told her to go to the cat bureau and that the big white cat will lead the way. Haru went off looking for the big white cat and was going to give up when she accidentally sat on him. His name was Muta and with a bit of persuading he took her to a secret bit of land which looked strange. It was small as if she was a giant. There she met Barron Humbert Von Gickingham (Barron).

She told them about her problem when they were about to do something the cats broke into the house and took her away. She rode on the backs of cats. Muta ran onto them as well and Barron rode on his crow. Haru woke up in The Cat Kingdom.  She felt at home and calm Muta tried to get her to go But she had other ideas. Then a pretty, white cat told her to leave before it’s too late. She couldn’t have because the cats found her and took her to the cat kingdom. She was getting dressed for the wedding when she found out she has ears and paws. She was turning into a cat.

She started weeping and wouldn’t stop they held a banquet but she didn’t cheer up. When the entertainment started Barron (disguised)  asked Haru for a dance she cheered up and the king knew something was wrong.  He stopped the whole banquet and forced him to tell. After he introduced himself  they were attacked by guards but yuki the white cat they met showed them a secret way out. Haru decided she had to leave. But they had to get through the kings maze.

The guards were chasing them but they made it to the tower. The exit was at the top of the tower. They were half way there when the king blew up the tower making them start again. They were trapped. The king was almost there when prince Loon and his army came to stop him. Prince Loon sorted everything out and said he did’nt want to marry Haru, he wanted to marry Yuki.  The king wanted Haru to marry him but she refused and ran up to the exit. When she got out ,Because the whole tower had moved so did the exit. It was now high in the sky now and getting higher.Haru wasn’t a cat anymore though she was human again.  She fell and Muta was holding on to her but they were slowly slipping. By the time Barron got there they all fell down, but then the most amazing thing happened. The air started filling up with crows and next thing they knew they were walking down to the ground on top of a bunch of crows, led by Barron’s crow. When they got to the ground they all parted . Barron taught Haru a valuable lesson to trust in herself.